A Plethora of Pleasant Dilemmas about Choosing Beaches in Jamaica
Being almost in the middle of Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is expected to provide numerous options in beaches. Attracting thousands of tourists every year rewards them with some exotic and tropical sea sides. However, the inland also displays some natural pearls, ideal for swimming. So, the dilemmas that visitors will get to face are a pleasant surprise, regardless of their final selection.

The coast line is full of blue-green waters which hugs golden sands or ruff cliffs, in order to cover any taste. Sun-worshipers will love the Seven Mile Beach in Negril. This golden sand beach, which once subjugate by pirates, offers now never ending hours of relaxation and sunbathing. Near Seven Mile Beach, more exotic beaches and bays are located. Half Moon Beach is one of them and offers less crowded stay, among amateur sea sports, while Negril Cliffs is a more bizarre bay with dramatic and soaring cliffs. Moreover, Winnifred Beach in Port Antonio is also a beach that can drive you crazy with its clean waters, sea sport options and traditional restaurants serving fresh sea food. For romantic souls, the Treasure Beach in Frenchman’s Bay is idyllic for vacations, avoiding riot and uproar. On Jamaica’s coastline are also built some marvelous lighthouses, which overtop picturesque shores, such as the Plumb Point Lighthouse and Negril Lighthouse. Despite Jamaica’s rich shoreline, the most popular swimming attraction is located in Ocho Rios and its name is Blue Hole. It is about waterfalls that pour in cyan lagoons, giving an extremely impatient need for diving, while the area is full of local tourist guides, who can show you the paths and the points of interest as well.

Undeniably, Jamaica is a place that is similar to paradise and the locals’ hospitality makes it an amazing destination for people who want to combine leisure, romance, fun and adventure. Do not hesitate to discover all the landmarks of the country or at least most of them, with the melodies of Reggae music, which everyone listens to all around!