An Exotic Paradise Rises in the Heart of Caribbean
Who does not crave for relaxing holidays on beaches, ruff highlands, extraordinary landscapes, rich history, imposing attractions and warm hospitality from the locals? Jamaica can offer all that, plus a romantic and eerie atmosphere that is spread all around. The mentality of Jamaicans is one of a kind and with island’s beauties makes the perfect combination for ideal vacations.

The island is full of tourist attractions and places that even angels could be jealous of. Beaches, coasts, mountains, waterfalls, lakes and villages are only a few of what to expect visiting Jamaica. Rick’s Café is perhaps the most famed point of the coastline and a perfect place for swimming, relaxing or enjoying the sunset. Located in Negril, Rick’s Café voted one of the best places on earth and it is also famous for the fearless divers that jump in the sea from incredible altitude. Dunn's River Falls is another exceptional option for you to visit. It is the island’s most popular attraction and ideal for walking, climbing (up to 600 feet) and swimming (for the dashing) under the waterfalls. On the other hand, the local hospitality is evident in Trench Town, a historic neighborhood of Kingston. Bob Marley and Peter Tosh lived there and it is the ultimate visit for those who really want to take a glance at how the real Jamaicans live. Speaking of living, music is a significant part of the local life and it would be pity if you do not attend on a reggae concert. The most well known festival is the Reggae Sumfest, which take place every year for three days and attracts more than 15,000 fans all over the world. People in Jamaica know how to have fun singing, dancing or drinking the world-known Rum. Rum is the national drink and many factories, such as Appleton Estate, open their gates in order to inform public about this old legendary product. Legends are one more of Jamaica’s clues. History and mystery are mixed together in Rose Hall Great House, a former English-style sugar plantation where a supposed white witch used to live. However, Jamaica is also a straight-out place for romance. Invite your mate and dine in the Caves, a luxury resort with facilities in the rocks and cliffs.

Too many options for vacationers, too many options for travelers, too many options for adventure hunters… Only one thing is sure when you disembark on Jamaica: no matter what your expectations are, you will be absolutely satisfied in Jamaica!